Is this like Airbnb?

In one word, No.

Airbnb is a great platform for hosts to attract guests.

AirBooking is the Concierge Service between our clients – the hosts and their guests. We will use several platforms to market your listing and attract guests. we do this in addition to taking care of creating an appealing listing profile with professional photographs, corresponding with interested guests, confirming bookings, keeping updated calendars, scheduling professional cleanings and turn down service, arranging key exchange and being available for questions and emergencies with our 24/7 hotline. After your guests depart we will follow up with reviews and feedback.

Can AirBooking help me find a place to stay?

At the moment our focus is on the home owners and renters who want to host in NYC. We are working to expand on the general housing market and to other cities as well.

How do I get started?

It is very easy to get started, call 347 367 0508 or email Hannah@airbooking.nyc to set up a consultation at your convenience. You will be hosting in no time.

Here is an example of the information we will go through in the consultation Questionnaire

How much is it?

Hosting services from Airbooking do not require any upfront fees or deposits. We are so confident that we can help you that we will not charge until you have confirmed guests. Upon booking AirBooking charges a 25% commission of the price of the stay, and the remaining 75% is straight in your pocket. In short, you do not pay till you are making money.

What does AirBooking do for the 25%?

We will make an attractive profile, with proficient information and pictures, list it on several platforms, handle all correspondence with potential guests, and believe us there are a lot of questions out there. We strive to occupy your home with eligible guests and to create a great and smooth experience for everyone involved.

Additionally, we also provide guidance in getting your home ready for hosting and advice on what to expect. Lastly, we schedule cleanings before and after your guests at an additional fee pr cleaning.ourServices

Why should I enlist the service of AirBooking?

Because we know and appreciate how much the security of your homes means to you, and because we treat our clients’ homes like our own and work to ensure that the process of hosting is smooth and hassle-free. AirBooking offers a service, simply to make your life easier. Additionally, our experience shows that hosts that book through AirBooking acquire 30% more bookings due to the high response rate and great reviews.


Where will my home be listed?

There are several different platforms on which we will list your home. The platform most appropriate will be selected in accordance with the listing and the requirements of the host.

Yes, the host does have a say in platform and guest preference.

What if I have rules in my home?

We make sure to always pick the best guests and hosts possible, and we will make sure house rules are explicitly communicated to guests.

We suggest making a list of rules or guidelines for the guests to read upon arrival.

What about my lease?

The housing market is very diverse, and includes many rent regulated and subsidized apartments, as well as unregulated “market-rate” apartments. However, you have the right under the state law to sublease or share your apartment. In some cases certain procedures do apply, therefore, we recommend all hosts to familiarize themselves with the subletting rules that apply to their particular residence and ensure the procedures be followed.

AirBooking is not liable for the Hosts’ compliance and abidance by the state law or present lease .




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